Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sini Ada Hantu

Sedikit review:
"Rama is a supervisor who is looking for a driver at the last minute to deliver out of town. He manages to get Ah Meng and Bakri to do the task with additional overtime and bonus. The only catch is that they have to deliver a Chinese-style large wooden coffin on time. For the extra money, the two men take on the job and travel in the van through the quiet expressway. During the journey, the delivery van's radio player gets busted. To kill time, both men begin to tell ghost stories which they declare as genuine. Bakri starts off the ghost stories from his kampung that involves a young man and a banana tree spirit" ...

Daus nyer review:

cite ni boleh la..kelakar..jalan cita dia agak menarik..Daus just leh bagi 3/5 jer..

lepas download kalau xtau nak buat apa tgk SINI

1 comment:

shahjiehan said...

salam ziarah dari shahjiehan!! hehhe

hensem siottt!!

jom baca dan komen Tutorial


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